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Bar Mitzvah eXperience is a class for boys in their Bar Mitzvah year, from September through June. Meetings take place Tuesday afternoon, 4:30-6:00pm with Rabbi Adi.

The Bar Mitzvah class, in a relaxed and fun setting, presents Bar Mitzva from historical, traditional, and contemporary perspectives. The Jewish customs that relate to this momentous occasion take on a beautiful meaning, and the students will learn life-lessons and values that are core to Jewish teachings. Students will learn how to put on Tfillin and a Talit, and learn about the beautiful significance of Jewish Life.

In addition, each boy will have one-on-one tutoring with Rabbi Adi to prepare for their Bar Mitzvah ceremony. 

>>Our Goal

By the end of the year, the boys will be able to take an active role in Shabbat services, daily Minyan, and Holiday traditions as the Jewish man they are.


For more information,contact Rabbi Aryeh Schwartz at (954) 252-1770 or