On Shabbos our community comes together in a beautiful way. The davening is electric, Rabbi Pinny’s speech is inspiring and we’re working on making the kids program better each week.

However, for many, the kiddush is the highlight of their week. 

We are aiming to ensure there’s a community kiddush every week. The recurring donations will create a fund to cover the costs of the kiddush on weeks for which there is no sponsor.

Please let me know if you can contribute a recurring weekly donation to subsidize the cost. The recurring donations will cover a basic kiddush.

It can be $18, $36, $72, $100, $180 or Other $ _

Additionally, you are always welcome and encouraged to help sponsor the weekly Kiddush to mark a simcha, birthday, yahrzeit or just a great week. You don’t have to do it alone. Everyone chipping in to celebrate an occasion will greatly enhance the Kiddush. 

All Kiddush contributors and their occasion will be mentioned on the new “Kiddush Board” in Shul and during the Torah Reading. 

I Would Like to be a part of The Kiddush Committee!


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