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CHS Tishrei High Holiday Mitzvah Missions Coming Soon!

This assignment, completed on time,

earns you up to 110 Torah Tokens!

Complete This mission by Tuesday September 13 to get Torah Tokens

CHS Mission 2 - Child's Name:

1. LEARN ABOUT ELUL: Watch King in the Field

Answer the following question:

A. This video is about a king. Who is the king? (choose one:) King Titus, Hashem, or the President of the United States (10 Torah Tokens)

B. Where does a king usually live? (10 Torah Tokens)

C. When the king is there, can regular people see him? (10 Torah Tokens)

D. Where is the king now, in the month of Elul? (10 Torah Tokens)

E. How can we talk to our King now, in the month of Elul? What can we ask for? (30 Torah Tokens)

2. Practice Aleph Champ reading for 15 - 30 minutes. (15 minutes = 20 Torah Tokens, 30 minutes = 40 Torah Tokens) Click here for reading pages.

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Date: September

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